Need some Adventure on your next family holiday!

Need some Adventure on your next family holiday!

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We all know that travelling with the kids can be challenging but it is so rewarding! It’s important for every member of the family to take a break and recharge the batteries.  Taking a holiday is not just good for you physically but mentally too and ‘the family that plays together stays together’ so they say.

Here at BYOkids we know some families just love adventure, escpecially if your kids are now heading towards their teen years.  Adventure travel opens up a whole new world of travel options.  I for one love a bit of an adventure holiday with trekking or wilderness hikes, kayaking, cycling, snorkelling or underwater exploring.  There are many wonderful adventure options for families here are just a few to wet your appetite:

Borneo, Malaysia - take a tour to the Kinabantangan Jungle where you can spot wild pygmy elephants, hundreds of monkeys including the Orangutan and Proboscis in the wild, stunning birds, goannas and other creatures.  Stay in huts alongside the river and head up stream by long boat to enjoy the amazing wildlife.  Visit  the Gomantong Cave the largest bird nest cave in the region where men climb the walls to collect the edible swiftlet nests as they are extremely valuable.

Vietnam – trek the hilltop villages of Sapa.  Experience the amazing culture of the Mong tribes as you walk the terraced farming lands.  Stroll past buffalos grazing and working as you head to your host families homestay.  Experience a traditional feast and watch your kids play with the local village children.  Drop in and show the kids the local school …not just a holiday a learning experience!

The Red Centre – take the kids to the heart of our gorgeous Australia.  If you’ve never been lucky enough to experience Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the red centre do yourself a favour and check it out!  Walk the stunning Kings Canyon, climb the rock or walk the base, experience the valley of the winds at the Kata Tjutu (Olgas).  Pack your walking shoes as you’ll cover some km’s but you’ll feel the spirit of the Outback and see colours like you’ve never seen before.  For a different perspective take a helicopter ride, scenic flight or camel ride and you wont believe the vastness of our great land.

Thailand – There is so much amazing snorkelling and diving to be done but when you are waterlogged take a trip to the jungle.  You can venture into the wilderness from Phuket and stay the day or overnight in rustic jungle accommodation.  Head down the river on a bamboo raft, tyre tube or hike to amazing waterfalls and swimming holes.

Europe - Bike and barge along the rivers of Europe.  You can ride your bikes on flat paths each day taking in stunning scenery, small villages, castles, forts and beautiful waterways.  You barge (small cruise boat) will glide along the river and be there to meet you at the end of your days riding.  Just jump onboard and let the crew take care of the bikes while you head to your cabin to shower and get ready to visit the bar and restaurant onboard for dinner before retiring for a great nights sleep in your cabin.  On a 7 day bike and barge you can visit as many as 4 countries and lots of gorgeous towns and cities.

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