Bike and Barge Holidays in Europe

Bike and Barge Holidays in Europe

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Our family recently did a 8 day bike and barge holiday in Europe. What is that? ... I hear you say!

Basically we rode bikes along the Europe's second largest river the spectacular Danube River from Germany through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary but each day our barge (like a mini cruise ship) would follow us along and each night we'd sleep, eat and be entertained onboard.

Our barge held around 140 people max. The lovely crew would look after our bikes and load and unload them each day, cook great meals, clean our cabins and see that we had an awesome time.

Each days riding is between 30k and 48k and e-bikes, kids tag alongs, bike seats etc are available if needed. The bikes are equip with panniers so after a wholesome breakfast onboard, you pack your lunch each morning and take it with you. As well as your maps and everything you'll need for the day.

There are a couple of rest days in the capitals like Vienna and Budapest for you to explore at your leisure. The holiday is self guided meaning you ride on your own, or with friends you might have met, but its not with a guide or in a big group, you go at your own pace. Each evening you have a briefing by the barge staff on the following days ride and you go through the map route, distances, and villages, sights to see etc. you have plenty of time in your riding day to visit villages, see ruins and castles, local attractions, stop at local restaurants, pubs, wineries or cafes on the river.

If you want to find out more about this unique, active and amazing way to see Europe, then check out our podcast that covers our holiday in more detail.  Different itineraries are available all throughout Europe. Oh and its an affordable way to really see Europe too! It cost us a family of 4 adults under 6k for the 8 days including all bike hire, accommodation for four in two cabins, all meals, entertainment and we got to explore 4 countries and many cities.

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