Travelling with kids just got easier

Travelling with kids just got easier

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A bunch of products have now hit the market that are designed specifically to make travelling with the family just that little bit easier. We've compiled a list of some of our favourites. From the Plane Pal to travel baby change mats, water bottles and books.

Love this Booster seat that doubles as a storage case! How perfect is this! One question we always get asked is "Will there be a booster seat or car seat available at my destination" Unless you're hiring a car and paying for one to be included the general answer is no. Many countries don't use car seats at all. So if you need to take a transfer, bus or taxi you'll need to supply your own. This fantastic booster seat comes with storage for all your baby needs, it doesn't just need to be for travelling is perfect for at home too!

This baby change mat is designed specifically for travelling. Its so compact it folds down to a very small bag that you can throw in your carry on luggage. You'll be comfortable in knowing that where ever you go you'll have somewhere hygenic and clean to change your little one.

These fantastic camelbak water bottles are tough, fun and don't spill. If you've travelled on a plane lately you'll know that they don't hand out as much free water as they used to. You don't want to be waiting on the hostess to help you out. Be sure to carry your own water bottles its good for you and the environment too. Simply fill them airside just before you board the plane. They are great for the car or every day use too!

This handly little gate check in bag will protect your car seats when loading them on at the gate. Compact and bright this cover folds down to a small package that you can easily slip in your nappy bag or luggage once at your destination. Gate check in bags are available for strollers too!

Road tripping? This handy car seat organiser is perfect, pack the food, drinks, toys and books. Its easy for the kids to access and big enough to offer a range of goods to keep them entertained longer. Super easy and organised so you can have it in the car all the time or just bring it out for those longer road journeys.

The inflatable Plane Pal turns a normal airline seat into a bed big enough for a child. The pump is included so you simply inflate it and put between your child seat and the seat in front. Folds down to a small bag when deflated. Now that looks comfortable!

There are a whole range of awesome Lonely Planet kids books that are designed to educate, inspire and excite kids about travelling the globe. Books are available for destinations worldwide. Not only will the kids be entertained for hours but they'll be learning about where they are going on there holiday and can even help with the holiday research.

This kids travel bed is just gorgeous and super comfortable. It's not just perfect for being that extra bed when travelling but also for at home. Kids will love that its their bed and feel safe and secure wherever you set up this transportable little snooze pod.

The fun and famous Trunki Ride on Suitcase for kids has so many cool designs and colours now. These little suitcases are the perfect size for kids and when they get tired they sit on the case and get pulled along ... fun and functional.

Our friends at Travel Universe stock so many awesome products to make travelling with kids easier. We've just covered a few of our favourites but you'll be blown away by their range. Visit them online now

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