Cruising the Mediterranean

Cruising the Mediterranean

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Fancy a European holiday where you can visit up to a dozen countries but only unpack once. Sound great?  It gets even better, you never have to cook a meal or make a bed!

This is a holiday where you get to lay by the pool or sleep in comfort while you travel from country to country. If this sounds to good to be true .. its not…

A Mediterranean cruise is just what you are looking for. The waters of the Mediterranean run between the European continent to the North and the African continent to the South and stretch from the islands of Portugal on the West and beyond Turkey to the East. This large body of water has many countries and islands along its shores. Being long and thin generally sailing is smooth and at most times you can see land in one or more directions.

There are many different cruise companies and ships sailing both the East and West Mediterranean and many cruise year round. With so many options and varied itineraries there is something to suit every budget and traveller.

Plus you can’t get a better deal than our kids cruise free! That’s right kids cruise free if sharing a cabin with adults on selected ships and itineraries. Cruises depart from a range of countries with many starting their sailing at Genoa in Italy, Greece or Spain. As with most cruises all meals, entertainment, kids club, activities, accommodation are all included.

We spent 21 days cruising the Mediterranean as a family. We visited Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Canary Islands, Madeira Islands and Spain. We had many full days in port allowing us plenty of time to visit cities and landmarks.  Highlights being Ephesus in Turkey, Palace of Knossos, the Parthenon, Vatican City and Rome, Barcelona, Malaga, Sicily, Genoa, the Pyramids of Egypt and more.

We had a few days at sea where we could relax by the pool, join in trivia, go to the day spa, read a book on the deck, enjoy the view, get fit on the basketball or squash court, go to the gym, have fun in the racing car simulator, or at the bowling alley.

While the kids spent time making new friends in kids club I joined a cooking class onboard and practiced my cocktail making (and drinking).  There were many activities on offer aboard the cruise ship.

Cruising is such great value and hugely popular from Australia but few people realise what a fantastic option it is for families in Europe. It’s so easy and relaxing and you don’t spend your days in a tour bus. You obviously need to get to Europe to board the cruise but there are some great airfares available and Europe cruise prices are amazingly cheap so it really is an affordable option.

Another bonus of booking a cruise with us, is that you only have to put a deposit down and the remaining final payment is not due until approx 10 weeks before you travel so you have time to save.  Make your dream holiday a reality and talk to us now 1300 296 543 or message us via Facebook and we'll call you!



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