How can I get enough points for a free flight?

How can I get enough points for a free flight?

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People keep asking us "how can I fly for free? Do frequent flyer programs really get you anything?"

Well the answer is yes!  There are literally millions of points up for grabs and you may not even have to change your spending habits.  By just being aware of the partner credit cards, shops, hotels, services, products and restaurants you can easily start accumulating points. In this article I'm going to focus on Virgin Airlines and their Virgin Velocity Program.  Here are our hot tips so you get the points you deserve.

  1. Flying -  whenever you fly make sure your Frequent Flyer number is actually in your booking.  Your member number is not recorded automatically so confirm on check in that your flight is linked with your account.  Frequent Flyer programs are associated with a range of other airlines around the world.  So whenever you fly check to see if you are flying with a partner airline, for example Hawaiian Airlines is a partner airline of Virgin Velocity Rewards program so you are eligible for points on Hawaiian as long as you add your member number to your booking.

  2. Credit Card - Have a credit card that is actually working for you.  Check your cards reward program and compare it with others on the market. Most cards accumulate points of some type and then you can redeem them for frequent flyer points.  A few times a year Virgin Velocity offer bonus points when you transfer your credit card rewards points to frequent flyer points. Look out for that and grab up to 40% extra as a bonus.  I have a Virgin Money credit Card it's directly linked with the Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer programme and I received a point for every dollar I spent on my card.   If you pay your bills via credit card and then at the end of each month pay the credit card off you will accumulating a lot of points really quickly.  Some Virgin Money credit cards also entitle you to a Virgin Airlines Gift  voucher each year so you already on your way to getting a flight for free.

  3. Buying online - If you shop online make sure that you earn points for it.   The Virgin Velocity program has an E- Store.  Once you are logged into your Virgin velocity account you can click through to any of the 200 plus retailers and earn points for any purchases you make.  You'll find lots of your favourites are on there such as cotton on, bras and things, groupon, harris scarfe, appliances online, Microsoft, fantastic furniture, Lenovo, Adore beauty and so many more.. so earn points while you shop.

  4. Petrol -  Every time you go to a BP service station affiliated with Virgin Velocity you'll receive points just for filling your tank.  We all need fuel anyway so why not get points for it.  Just be sure to swipe your Virgin Velocity card when you pay your fuel bill.

  5. Wining and dining - dining out at a restaurant can now earn you points.  Receive  frequent flyer points when you make your reservation through Velocity's partner Open Table.  There are hundreds of restaurants around the country to choose from.  Be sure to be logged into your account then choose and book somewhere to dine and you'll earn points for a eating.  If you love a good bottle of wine then consider buying your wine online.  Virgin have a couple of wine delivery partners and for each case you buy you'll be rewarded with points and often a bonus bottle too!

  6. Rental cars and hotels - there are many partner hotels and hire car companies.  Even your airport transfers may earn you frequent flyer points.  So next time you hire a car or stay in a hotel be sure to ask them if they are affiliated with a Frequent flyer program and add your number to earn.

  7. Insurance, Electricity, Gym Membership, Mobile Phone plans, Internet - Virgin Velocity have partners in all these services.  Always compare the pricing to make sure you are still getting a great deal but if they work out cheaper or comparative to what you are getting with another supplier then why not swap over and earn points for your car insurance, home insurance, internet, phone bills and electricity.

  8. Travel Money - Virgin have an excellent travel money card that is called Global Wallet.  You can upgrade your existing virgin velocity card to have the global wallet travel money feature very simple by logging in to your velocity account.  Ive used my Virgin global wallet card around the world and I've never had an issue with using it anywhere as a credit card or to get money out of an ATM.  Its a preloaded travel card so deposit via bank transfer as much money as you like either before or while travelling and you can choose to load it in AUD or choose another currency depending on where you are travelling too.  There is an App so you can keep track of transactions, balances and currency rates. You'll earn frequent flyers points for loading cash on your card.

So start accumulating those points.. don't miss out on any you are entitled too! You'll be up, up and away before you know it.  Here at BYOkids we specialise in family holidays and we can arrange your perfect holiday.  If you want to use points for your flights thats great, we'll look after the rest.  When you book through us be sure to give us your frequent flyer program membership numbers and we'll add them to all your booking components.  Call us on 1300 296 543, enquire online or message us via Facebook.

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