Packing for a day at the beach? .. our list of essentials

Packing for a day at the beach? .. our list of essentials

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Ah... remember the days when you arrived at the beach with nothing but your bathers, a hat and a sarong?  Well you've got kids now and it may feel like you're packing for a weeks camping trip .. not just a beach day!  So we've compiled our beach checklist to help ease at the burden of packing for one day at the beach.

Ok open the boot and lets start filling it up!:

sunscreen - choose a good quality water resistant sunscreen thats not going to sting the eyes or wash off with the first swim.  Check out the Cancer Council range and support a good cause whilst staying protected.

swimmers - if you've got spares, its a good idea to pack a couple of pairs incase you want to get dry between swims or head of for a walk or lunch.

Beach Towels - Grab your Aussie Tesalate Towels they dry fast and sand doesn't stick to them... genius!

hats - wide brimmed and with ties so they don't blow away are the best.

sunglasses - pack the sunnies and protect the eyes

rash vests - for that extra protection.  If you've been in the sun or water for a long day be sure to have some extra protection with a rash vest.  For the surfers avoid the rash from your surfboard and pack a rashie.

beach blanket - sand is great except for in sandwiches! pack a massive beach blanket for your lunch time break.

fold-up chairs - staying for a while? take some chairs and relax in comfort

Refreshments – Bring plenty of water (freeze some overnight so it keeps cool) and bite-sized snacks that won’t melt.

Baby wipes - always worth bringing along no matter how old your kids are!

plastic bags - for rubbish, separating wet and sandy clothes, and scooping up everything else.

First aid pack – hopefully you won't need it but just incase

Shoes - Got kids that love to explore rock pools? Remember to pack some reef shoes to save scratches.

Ball games - velcro catch, a tennis ball, cricket gear or a frisbee

Sand architects – A bucket and spade

surfboards or boogie boards - for the true water adventurers

Music - don't disrupt the other beach goers but if a bit of music is on the wish list take your speaker and your spotify.

A book - you never know you might just get 5 minutes of peace to indulge in your fav book!

layers – If the weather is changeable, clothing layers are key, be sure you're prepared for any weather.  Take spare changes of clothes, you can never have enough.

sun tent or umbrella - for when someone big or small needs some non sun time or a snooze.

Beach trolley - to carry all the above! lol!

Let us book your next beach holiday call BYOkids 1300 296 543 or message us via Facebook and we'll arrange and book the perfect holiday for your family!







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